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Monday, March 27, 2017

2017-03-27 e-mail van Elder Meads

Hey everyone!

Ever since I arrived in Den Bosch, I find I get pretty trunky knowing that this is my last area on my mission, and the last city, and the last etc...  Directly after these thoughts, I look at everyone on their bikes around me, and see the Dutch License plates, and hear the Dutch language in my ears, and I never want to go home.  It's a very strange range of emotions I go through every day, but I know one thing, it doesn't help the days go by quickly.  

Moving this week was good!  It took a solid 2 days to move from our old and battered apartment which has been a missionary apartment for easily 20+ years to a brand new apartment.  I'm aware how nice it will be that I get this one last luxury on my mission.  It's weird to be in a 'new and last' city.  I wonder at the need to memorize street names, etc.

Love you! - Elder Meads


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Introducing Elder Meads'

Introducing Elder Meads'

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Beide de boeken preken van Jezus Christus:

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