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Monday, October 17, 2016

Week 72/102: maandag 10 october email van Elder Meads

The lost days of Elder Meads recapped:
 You asked about my p-days, so here goes.  Firstly, P-days in Belgium are wwaaayy cooler than Netherlands P-days.  We can travel wherever we would like in Belgium, and Belgium has some really sick places to visit.  Brugge is one of the most touristy cities of Europe, and I might add one of the most gorgeous. 
  Elder Howard was my companion for only 1 transfer, and I guess that's how the cool companions work, one transfer and they're gone.  I was really hoping for another one with Elder Howard, but he was transferred up to the Netherlands, and Elder Foltz came my way.  He and I are serving in Gent now.  Every P-day except one we left Genk to go do something awesome, and the one where we stayed, we hosted everyone here.  Let me think, one P-day we visited a place called Ieper where there are mountains of WWII history to explore.  Elder Lieshman, Jones, and I were all making World of Tanks jokes since we all played it back home.  
  Another one we went to was Gent where we saw some magnificent castles right in the middle of the city, plus some of the coolest architecture of Belgium.  It ranks #2 for me in prettiest city in Belgium, but that's not to denounce it at all.  It's amazing!  
  The next one we hosted the Antwerpen Zusters and the Lokeren Zusters at our city where we visited C-Mine, cuddled ducklings at the pond (yes, for reals, we cuddled ducklings and now Elder Howard and I are their favorite Elders) and to finish it off, we made home-made pizza for them.  It was a very nice evening.  
  The next one we went to Turnhout where I reunited with some old friends from my last zone.  It was really fun to spend a day together and play football and everything (real football :p).  Not much to say about that one.
  The last one was going to Brugge and seeing this church that claims to have a vial of Jesus Christ's blood.  The blood was disgusting with a lot of what looked like mold inside this flashy case, but whatever, it was cool to visit.  Also, that city is AMAZING!  We had Belgium Friets, and let me tell you, the stuff you eat at McDonalds, Arby's and wherever else you eat is total crap!  Never eat it another day in your life.  Same with Chocolate, but I'm sure you are all aware of this.  
  Today for P-day, we were invited by the Turnhout sisters to visit Mechalan which has a senior couple, and an enormous tower which is just IMPRESSIVE.  It was a really good B/P-day, and the best part is, is that at least 2 other sister companionships were upset that they couldn't make it today, so they want to do something next pday as well in place of my bday.  What can I say?  The sisters are allowed to throw me as much attention as they want.  That's just me being prideful, that still hasn't changed about me.  But really, attention from sisters is gold here.

  As far as the work in Genk goes, it is really busy!  We're organizing splits, Joint Teaches, exchanges, and all sorts of other missionary stuff and we're busy busy busy!  There's a few golden members here, those that have you over for dinner weekly, more than willing to go on joint teach with you, and best of all, those who give you referrals.  These members are amazing.  There seems to be a few select in each branch/ward.  I plan on being one of these goldies when I get home, but that's forever away.    As far as my companion now, he's from Utah as well, happens to be deaf in one ear, and really likes D&D, so that's cool!  It's been interesting adjusting to a level of obedience we can both work with.  So far though, it's not too bad. 
  Let's see what else?  We have an investigator who raises and flies birds like the European Owl, Siberian Owl, and a few hawks, there are pictures to follow.  Now for your questions about my birthday:
My birthday began at 6:30 same as usual.  I showered, dressed, made a breakfast of pancakes from a REALLY simple but REALLY good recipe.  We went shopping at a place called the Carrefour and bought groceries spending only 33 euros, a nice price tag since we had hardly any food left at all.  Then we bought some hygienic supplies, dropped it off, went to the library to email.  It would've been good except the French keyboards are stupid, well, really frustrating!  I am luckily typing on one that can turn into an English through the settings.  Didn't really get enough emailing time then.  Next, we caught a train out to Mechalen where the sisters to Turnhout had told us to go for a surprise party.  We arrived and walked to the Oliver's home.  they are a senior couple serving over Belgium.  They had rolled out the red carpet having balloons and the like prepared.  To be 100% honest, it felt a bit like my 12th birthday instead of my 21st, but that's okay, they put a lot of effort into it (We missionaries even made a joke where the 2 & the 1 were switched for this very reason.  Ha,ha!) 
  After eating a delicious treat called a Boterkookje, we went off to this tower. It was amazing!  You could actually see ALL the way to Brussels from the top of that tower!  That's a loong way away, and it's incredible just how flat the land is!  We had a fun time in the belltower part, and at the top.  We left and came home.  It capped off my P/B-day on a really good note.  That was my birthday.  Very good, Woo!  I'm very pleased :D 

I hope this massive chunk of text was readable and you didn't get bored.  I love you guys, give my love to Kennedy since she's getting old or perhaps, getting the very widely known 'Connor's coming' syndrome first discovered on October 10th, 1995 by an OBGYN doctor.  I hear the woman giving birth barely made it.
  Love you all
   -Elder Meads


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