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Monday, October 31, 2016

Fijne Halloween , Iedereen! Week 74/102: maandag 31 october email van Elder Meads

Here's what's happening in Genk, Belgium as far as missionary work goes:

Monday: We had planned a P-day in Maastricht, but we got far too distracted emailing all of you lovely folks. Not much else to do honestly, President asked us not to leave our area unless it's for district or zone p-days which really blows. Might as well email s'more.

Tuesday: Full studies, door knocking, street contacting all leading up to a lesson with a brand new investigator found the week previous. The Plan of Salvation lesson went well, and this brand new investigator told us he wanted to take us to a really old church close to the german border for P-day. I bet I could convince my President to take us if it was with an investigator. :)

Wednesday: We had district meeting in Leuven given by the Zone Leaders, and they really did an amazing job talking about Christ in all of our lessons, and making him the center of our message. Remember at home: Christ is the center of everything, and everything else in our church is only intended to support Christ and his teachings! We had a bowling event with the branch scheduled, but none of our 4 investigators we had invited came, and for that matter, only the people of the branch presidency came because they had to. It was pretty disappointing to see everyone let us down like that, especially since they had all canceled that same day.
Not every day is a perfect missionary day. To make up for it, we played a game and got drinks. One of the members ordered an alcohol free beer, and I almost did too but got apple juice instead. Turns out, the 'alcohol free' was in reality 0.4%. It was bizarre since it was labeled "alcohol free". Food for thought.

Thursday: Full studies, and went on exchanges with the district leaders in Geel. I was with Elder Dearden, one of my better friends on the mission. We looked some people up, and knocked. While knocking, a woman answered, turns out she's from New York and lives here with her husband. We talked about how sad it is that they don't really observe Halloween or Thanksgiving here, and so she gave us homemade pumpkin pie! Tender mercies, for reals. At first, she had no interest, but by the end, she had given us her number and had set an appointment to come back!

Friday: We had planned to go to Maastricht this day, but the office texted us telling us that we shouldn't since we'd be crossing an international border. So we threw that out, weekly planned, looked someone up, and went to a lesson. I had found this lady last transfer by a referral, and progress with her had crawled and crawled. It has been a serious test of my patience to teach her since she doesn't listen to logic a lot of the time. Well, my emotions finally overcame me, and after a 3rd or 4th lesson where nothing was really taught, and we had just gone in another massive circle over the word of wisdom, repeating the same things over and over, I just dropped her. We'll still go by here and there, but not once a week.

Saturday: A good day :) We went by a less active, and did some service for her. I ripped up 3 trees and then moved them around. I thought it would be too much work to get done in one day, but I managed. My companion was kept busy trimming bushes and the like. We had some food and then we both challenged them to read the Book of Mormon cover to cover. They really got excited about the challenge, and we read together 1 Ne 1, and then I promised them that if they read every day with the thought of reactivation in their minds, that God would give them strength and courage enough to come back to church regardless of past offenses, or feelings of unworthiness.
My companion then brought in 2 Ne 26: 24-27, and I can't describe how much help that did to them at the time! They lit up and said that it was as if Nephi himself was answering her exact answer right there. Sometimes you just gotta hand the lesson over to the prophets who will speak from the dust.

Sunday: Had church which went well. I messed up pretty bad on the passing of the sacrament, but luckily(?) no investigators came, so no one's faith was destroyed. After church we went with a member to visit someone who was sick, and to give a blessing, however, they weren't there, so we left. We had lunch and then went to dinner at a member's. There we gave them a Book of Mormon and told them that it had to be gone by the next time we came by. That means that the work of the lord will be done (the BofM will be passed along to a potential investigator) or we lose our dinner appointments with them. Worth the risk I guess?
Also, on the bus, some fight was starting to go down, and the bus driver stopped the bus and yelled at them to either get off and fight or remain peaceful and stay on. Thankfully everyone kept their temper until our stop at least. Lots of birdies were flying around that bus, haha!

Love you all, and thanks for reading my emails, and even more thanks for sending some emails my way! I really do miss you all, and try this week to read some of the good books.
-Elder Meads


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