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Saturday, August 20, 2016

Week 64/102: maandag 15 augustus email van Elder Meads

Yet another week in Vlissingen...

I will start with Monday of last week, and this email actually contains some pretty cool experiences.  I pour the details into my mission journal, so if you want to learn more than this, come ask me once I return.

Monday: We journeyed to Breda by train and there we paintballed with several other missionaries from around the mission, including almost everyone in our district. It was SOOO good to feel like a normal person whose only goal in life was to shoot paint splats out at other people on the opposite team (even Zusters). I won this free for all match, and I felt pretty great. It was mostly luck though since I spent the first half of the game stuck behind a stupid wall trying to hit a guy while shooting with my left hand. Very difficult, but I managed. We played many other games, and I came away with a total of 6 welts which I felt proud of.

Tuesday: All day was spent in exchanges with the ZL's after District meeting. Not too bad.  We gave our best, and ended the day by playing a really fun card game with the ZL's before going to bed.

Wednesday: We enjoyed a good day of teaching lessons this day.  We had 2 and that's a good thing around here.  In the first appointment, the lady had a strong interest in breeding cats. There were about 15 or so kittens running around the room we were in. They were shy at first, but I became a very cozy sleeping place. At least 3 kittens chose to fall asleep on me, and one of them was balancing his exhausted body along my leg which was crossed to a square. I about died from the cuteness factor.

The second lesson wasn't so positive, and was lacking in kittens, so we dropped him. When will they learn, you must have kittens to progress! JK, we have to drop those who really have no interest in learning more.

Thursday: Not a good day. My journal entry for this day is as follows: "Not much happened today, it was cold and wet. I think I'm just gonna go to bed"

Friday: We did service for a member helping lay cement. It was really fun once I got the hang of it. It's good to get your hands dirty doing service for others!

Saturday: Not a ton happened worthy of mention on Saturday either, but it was not a repeat of Thursday's miseries which gave me a new appreciation. We made it fun too with some look-ups and ended it with a weekly planning session.

Sunday: Pretty much just church, look-ups, and a member meal following that. The meal was amazing too. Probably the last time with these members I suspect,  given transfers are coming up.

I'll include today as well, since it's the end of it.

Today (Monday): We woke up at 6:30, went to Goes, were picked up by a member there and were driven to a castle called Muiderslot, which was built in 1370. Two words, and forgive my missionary french here, but "Holy Fetch." Wow! 
This was so dang cool! My inner 8-year-old was just bouncing off the walls and was having the time of his life!  Most of you know how obsessed  with castles and knights and with all the whatnots related thereto I was while growing up,  or how I played games mainly focused around that kind of era/theme; so you'll have a great idea of just how excited I was to go and be there.  A REAL CASTLE Folks - actually lived in and used back in the day by real medieval people and knights! So awesome! The brick I was touching was set and built by 15th-century hands! All I could think was, "Wowowow!" the entire time.  This castle even had a 'kerker' - which is a dungeon.  Many fingernails were pulled under there in attempts to extract information from people or their confessions to things they may not have actually done. We had a tour there in dutch which I understood - so that was a very cool realization too - a far cry from a year ago.
Next, we went to a Nazi concentration camp from WWII and it was absolutely fascinating to see all the history there! It was sobering too.  Also, it's an absolute abomination what Hitler had Germans do in WWII. I've watched the documentaries and read the books, and those do it justice I'd say, but there is a feeling of evil perversion standing on the very ground that it happened on. The watchtowers, the barbwire fence, the very layout of the camp, and the living conditions the Jews were made to endure. All disgusting. We also got to step foot in the last standing prisoner barracks in the Netherlands. Mom, if walls could tell the stories of what they've witnessed...  You can't help but feel the loss of so many on behalf of the world.  To think I've gone this long on my mission and haven't seen some of the rich and deep history which the Netherlands has! 
We live in a great day and age, everyone! The world has seen it's fair share of crap, and people have gathered the reality proof of it and typed up countless cards of information for the rest of us to read.  So go out and visit some historical sites and write me about where you went and what you saw and read about.  Accept the challenge folks!

I love all of you.  Thanks for reading because this week was actually one that I liked living.  Please email me to tell what you liked from your week, and enjoy these pictures.  Tot de volgende keer!

-Elder Meads

P.S. I realize that I haven't been very good with responding to each one of all of your emails/letters, and while being a busy missionary is a good excuse, it's just that, an excuse. Sometimes I arrive at the computer, read all my emails (which is a HIGHLIGHT of my week btw), and don't have too much energy to write all the people that wrote me back. I will improve and try harder. So, I apologize for that.


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