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Monday, August 8, 2016

Week 63/102: maandag 08 augustus email van Elder Meads

Another week in Vlissingen...

Monday: We had planned to go to Amsterdam with a member driving, but he cancelled last minute, so we didn't. This gave us time to find some shoes, actually email my parents, shop, all that important stuff.

Tuesday: We woke up and went to district meeting tired as a dog as usual, but were able to become well-trained and all that jazz. It was a pretty fun and lively district meeting which is always nice because sometimes it's not, and then you're labeled as a lame DL. Afterward, we went on exchanges and I got to be here in Vlissingen with Elder Prickett. We visited some members he knew better than I did, since this was his area at one point. Then we ate dinner at a member which we very much enjoyed. All in all, a fun day. Especially for Elder Prickett.  I hope I get a chance to revisit some of the areas I've served in toward the end of my mission.

Wednesday: We went through our morning studies, and then biked to an investigators house and had a discussion about what the Book of Mormon was. She told us she doesn't want to convert, but she's just really interested about another book of scripture. I hope she keeps reading and ponders over it a bit more. It'd be nice to one day hear she prayed and found out the Book of Mormon is true. Pray for her to open her mind as she reads it. As far as the end of the day went, we spent it at my favorite members' for dinner.

Thursday: We had a long, loooong day of look-ups, and I was not feeling it. Door after door with call-ups and trying to get others to talk with us, plus hardly anyone was home.  I just wanted the day to end honestly. It did end on a high note luckily.  We had dinner at an investigators home, and after dinner we talked a lot about baptism and were able to invite her to set a baptismal date which was really exciting. Dinner was good too :D

Friday: The day started like yesterday did, look ups, and I began with the routine of it. It was pretty droll with no service to do, but we did have a killer end to the day which was going by an investigator and meeting some pretty cool people. She's the lady that is involved in the program Warm Showers, and this night we had 2 people from Spain, and 6 or 7 other people from either around the Netherlands, or Belgium, so we could speak dutch with them. By the end of the night I had given out some cards, and become facebook friends with them. Really exciting to be honest. We also barbecued and I ate my first American tasting hamburger in the Netherlands which was bizarre and so wonderful. I shed a tear. Ribs and sausage was also involved. It was a very nice evening discussing religion and beliefs with people from all over.

My bike finally decided it was done with the rigors of life and the bike tire died. We also had a branch barbecue. We had set the goal to get 10 investigators to come, and only 1 ended up coming, so that was definitely a bummer, but it was a good barbecue, especially for the 2nd time in 2 days. I stuffed myself on chicken, hamburgers (not as good now :/) and shrimp. What a good day!  I love how the members come over and befriend investigators.  Hope it continues!

Sunday: Church went well, but nothing to really note. I tried to perform surgery on my bike by replacing the tire of an old bike to mine, but my bikes nuts are too tough xD haha, oh I kill myself. My bike is a she anyways, lol.

That was my week, if you had anything crazier, let me know. Eat more cornflakes!

-Elder Meads


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Introducing Elder Meads'

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