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Monday, August 8, 2016

Week 62/102: maandag 1 augustus email van Elder Meads

This week in Vlissingen...

Monday:  I had a good enough P-day.  My last companion didn't like shopping, so now I took advantage of it this P-day. I didn't buy anything since Middelburg is tiny and doesn't make for good shopping.  We ended the day with a joint teach and a dinner appointment.  A good day :)

Tuesday: We had a good day at district meeting led by our Zone Leaders as it is their once-per-transfer training.  We laughed, we cried, we ate some lunch.  Normal District Meeting.  We came back to Vlissingen and made our way to an investigators house for dinner.  Dinner was good since he's a professional cook.  I think I may just like food in general, so his art was a little lost on me as I just gobbled everything he had made.

Wednesday:  We were going to do service all day for a member, but he canceled the day before, so we didn't.  We had a free day so we decided some referrals were in order.  This referall took us to the outer reaches of our area with many buses and walking involved.  We actually walked 6km this day trying to get to this random farm house in the middle of no where.  During this time, we recieved a call from a member saying that their son had recieved his mission call, and they wanted us over for pie and a good time.  Looking at our schedule and bus times back, it didn't look like we were going to make it, and I got kinda pissed.
  The lesson went well though.  We taught this referral a restoration, and he thanked us for our time, told us he'd call if he had questions, but he'd definintly read it.  Good good.  We came back, and the traffic became a parking lot, and the bus driver had to cut out a major section of track, and that gave us *just* enough time to go watch the member open his mission call!  Nice!  He's going to the Athens, Greece mission.  Really exciting and he's the first missionary to EVER go from Vlissingen, so that's cool.

Thursday:  I enjoyed this day too, we kicked it off by doing service for an old couple.  I love them so much.  They keep telling us that they're never going to convert to mormonism, and it's become a kind of joke.  "i'm never going to convert!"  "okay..." then we teach a powerful lesson.  I enjoy their company in every sense of the word, and I suppose their grand daughter who I did service with one time wants my email after moving to the U.K..  She's 19, and I'm 20... Just saying lol. 
  Elder Garcia's bike suddenly decided it was done being enjoyable and blew the kingpin off the chain and now he has no bike.  We walked home and ended up at our dinner appointment which is luckily within walking distance.  This was such a cool experience.  So a little background on this lady.  One day, I was sending a letter off to my Mom when this lady comes up to us on a bike and invites us for dinner.  I asked if she knew us becaus I didn't know her, and she said she had no idea who we were, but she wanted us for dinner since a couple of missionaries in the States had treated her very nicely when she became lost, and she wanted to return the favor.  Elder Vanfleet and I never got around to it, so Garcia and I called, and we had made the appointment for tonight.
  So, this lady is athiest, and says to not even bother with religeon because she doesn't agree with it, but she likes us as people.  We can always spare an hour for dinner without talking about religeon :).  Apparently, she's involved in a program called "Warm Showers" where cross country bikers can sleep over at eachothers places for free instead of paying for hotels, the only catch is, is that if you sleep over at someone's house, you're home is now open for people to sleep over.   That night, she had 6 people coming over to sleep over and she thought it'd be cool for us to meet them, and them to meet us.  Turns out, she was so, so right....
  The first two to show up was a couple biking from Norway, NORWAY!  They knew perfect english, and just to live up to the scandinavian reputation, they were blonde haired, blue eyed, and fetching gorgeous!  It was really facinating getting to know them, and not 5 minutes later, 4 more people show up, but they had biked up from Spain, SPAIN!  Wow!  Only one knew the basics of English, so I started trying to communicate with the spanish i learned in Peru.  That trip was 2 years ago, and for only 2 weeks.  Needless to say, all I remember was 'Bonita', 'Gracias', and 'bue-nos di-os me-at-o Elder Meads'.  i dont even know how to spell that...  Plus they spoke some dialect that didn't sound like spanish to me.  I hope my inexperience of the world isn't showing too hard.
  We made pizza, pasta, soup, and salad for dinner, and it was so filling, and there was so much of it that there was no way we could possibly finish it all.  We ended the night at10pm not being able to tear ourselves away from the exotic party we had found ourselves in.  Eventually we left, and I went to bed loving the world and all it's various cultures.

Friday: Elder Garcia had to go to Brussels today to get his Belgium drivers license, so I spent the day in Roosendaal with the other Elders.  It was a day full of knocking and no one was interested.  That's okay though.  Oh yea, I had the smart idea that food was dumb and so I pretty much went without because I didn't want to take it from Roosendaals apartment, and I forgot to pack some money.  All good though because we ended the night with a dinner appointment with their Ward Mission Leader.  The Zusters to Breda also came by and we had a really good time eating some food and talking about whatever.  By the end of it, my belly was full and happy. 

Saturday:  Woke up in Roosendaal and spent the morning with them.  We looked around, and said hey, let's get Cruslei for breakfast!  For those of you who don't know what Cruslei is, it's a granola chocolate cereal that is kinda like food crack.  Well, I ate a liter of the stuff, and that was a lot.  I felt pretty sick to my stomach by the end of it.  We came back to Vlissingen, and today was kinda a jank day.  With Elder Garcia's bike broken, we were kinda crippled as far as missionary work goes. Then we missed our bus to get to our appointment on time, so we tried calling her, but she never answered.  I felt pretty bad about it since we had no way to contact her.  We called it a day...

Sunday: Before church started, one of our investigators that had dropped us walked up to the church wearing a new dress!  She had told us before that she was scared to come to church since she didn't have anything that looked nice.  Then she said we were extremists because we don't drink coffee and dropped us.  Imagine my suprise when she came today!  She was talking with the members like they were her best friends.  I love it when the ward accepts a new member.  It makes the work so fast!  She had to leave after sacrament, and the rest of church was church.  We ate lunch with some members after church, in the church which was fun.  Afterwards, we decided to go look up our dropped appointment yesterday since we both felt really bad about it.  turns out she was camping and her phone was being reparied, so it all worked out great in the end.  whew.  That was pretty much my week.

Thanks for reading, eat your orange vegetables.

  -Elder Meads


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