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Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Week 56/102: maandag 20 juni email van Elder Meads

... To knock on the other side!

The titles from this week and last are a two piece riddle, in case anyone was confused... Anyway.

Monday: A very service filled day. We were by a member for service in their yard by 9am. We stayed until 12 and then left after a short but good lunch. We did some shopping and then started service for an "investigator". This guy isn't officially an investigator since he says he has no interest in converting to any religion. We found him a few weeks ago and just stopped and did service for him. This time, we shared a scripture as an uplifting thought from Mosiah 2:17 and he and his wife were really curious about the Book of Mormon and what it was. We taught a very loose RaD and our beliefs summation. They asked if they could have the book and study it, and of course we said yes. Doing this service reminds me of why I'm on my mission to begin with. It's to help people.

We had District Meeting, but with some new changes, the Zone Leaders took over our district meeting. It was a slightly nice break, but I kinda like presenting at district meeting. We also went on exchanges with zone Elders.  I stayed in Breda with Elder Knaupp and we had a good time contacting. We eventually taught a full on Restoration lesson in the park to a couple who were curious who we were. It was really cool, but in the end, all they were interested in was our belief about sex before marriage. 'Lucky me', I had the pleasure of addressing that topic.

Wednesday: We had two appointments planned for that day, but the one in the afternoon cancelled. We still got our morning one, and it went well.  We talked about scripture study some more and about church. Spoilers, she didn't come to church.

Thursday: This day we were in Tilburg for exchanges with the ZL's. I had a good day since I was with Elder Groesbeck who has to be one of my favorite Zone Leaders thus far. He's super chill and I guess people let their guards down while around him because we got 5 potentials (his city, dang it :p) and we played street basketball with a small army of 20 or so kids. We split into teams and my team totally won. I had this
MVP meisje (girl) who kept draining them despite her height disadvantage (I would guess 3 feet or so). Then we ended the day with one on one basketball. It was a very good day.

Friday: We thought we only had a lesson with an investigator who has been coming to church for years, but doesn't want to be baptized. He knows the church is true, he's flown to Utah twice now for General Conference, but he's pretty high up authority wise in a different church and won't turn from it. Anyway, we ended up spending the day exploring Westenshouwen a bit. It's a really fascinating place for how tiny it is.

Saturday: Today we had two appointments, but our afternoon cancelled on us which only left the evening. The evening appointment was with an inactive member. The lesson went really well and after a strong invitation to attend church, she agreed. She hasn't come to church in over 20 years! She has voiced before how scared she is to even pray, let alone come to church, but we were hopeful.

Happy Sabbath Day, because Saturday's inactive member came to church! And some of the more ancient members of the branch remembered her from when she was active. They totally took over fellowshipping her and she had a huge smile on her face the whole time! It made me question if I have ever exercised faith as much as I was seeing. Really incredible!

That was my week! I love hearing back from you all! I actually get quite a few emails in response so thanks! Stay frosty and remember to make the time to 
smell the spring flowers.

-Elder Meads


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Introducing Elder Meads'

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