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Monday, May 9, 2016

Week 049/102: maandag 02 mei email van Elder Meads

Transfers, A week with a mini-missionary, and Kings Day
I want to thank everyone for the emails you send this week. Those were some awesome and fantastic emails! I soaked up every letter.

So this past week we got to go to the Den Haag Temple as a zone. Hearing the entire session in Dutch, and seeing how small theTemple is was really a cool and unique experience. I forgot to mention that and i understood everything they were saying, which was REALLY cool. So, the translations are very interesting. They describe the earth once it´s created as ´Heerlijk´ which means something like delicious. No funny dutch mess ups either to get myself into the celestial room, so it all went well.

This week, I had an interesting week because I had a less active (recently reactivated) young adult come on a mini mission here in Vlissingen with us. I got to know him very well in Rotterdam and he must have grown attached or something, IDK.

Monday, Vanfleet and I went to the church, emailed a bit, but had to leave early to pick up our new mini-missionary, Broer A. Vega, at the train station. Seeing him again was really cool. We did some shopping, went and saw the beach, and just goofed off a little in our apartment. Later we had an appointment with someone I don't remember, so we went to that.

Tuesday would've been district meeting, but they were doing transfers early, so we just had a work day going to various appointments and look-ups. Sorry my memory is failing me, my planner from last transfer is now in storage. I do know that we went to Breda tuesday night to sleep over with them because we had to help set up for Koningsdag super early in the morning.

Wednesday I woke up at some unhuman hour to get a good shower in, and to make breakfast for everyone. Then we went to go set up some shop and win some souls to Christ. Well, some guy dressed in orange and looking
kinda official told us we can't set our booth up in the park since it's for kids, and we can't preach to kids. Reluctantly we took everything down and left the park and set up more towards the city. This time we managed to get everything set up before two police came and told us that we can't set a booth up since we're giving out
religion. We told them that we've been doing this for years, and it's most certainly within the law to do it. They said they don't want any discussion, and to just take it down and bring it up with the police department. So, again we took it down and went to the police department, and they told us we can talk to people about religion, but not set a booth up. I'm still convinced we could have, but whatever. We took our supplies home and started a blitz of the city. We talked with people and got a few potentials for Breda which was cool. Everyone gets super piss-drunk on Konningsdag, so everyone was more than willing to take a card from us, but I don't know if they knew what they were taking. Who knows though, right? We blitzed through Tilburg neighborhoods as well and I had a good day. We got home exhausted and finally fell asleep by....can't remember.

Thursday I woke up feeling as if a train had hit me, but we got out and did some decent missionary work. This guy we haven't seen in a long time told us he'd been reading a lot from the Boek van Mormon lately and really liked it, so we discussed a bit more with him, and he seems pretty positive! I hope he progresses! Friday... jeez, I don't remember... I know i did SOMETHING! Saturday....Sunday We got ourselves to church and our mini missionary

who comes from the Rotterdam ward of 100 members was just shocked to see our branch of like 10 people. Pretty entertaining. We had a lunch with the Porthoff's too. They're some of my favorite people here.

Now is now, and Broer Vega is now on a train home, and it was a successful week full of miracles and missionary work. Again, thanks for your emails!

-Elder Meads

Oh, one last thing: Everyone keeps asking about my companion and Vlissingen, so let's see if I can rephrase:

Vlissingen is spread out, and small town but our area is HUGE! It is so Dutch looking and so ´little village´ feeling. It is so nice after spending two transfers in Rotterdam, a huge densely populated city, to be sent here. I had tricks in Rotterdam to get people to talk to me, but here, they just talk to ME! Crazy! Plus, I don´t know why, but this place has a surprising abundance of beautiful women. This one chick the other day came up to me asking if she could have a hug, and I´m lucky i was in a situation where it was easy to say no, because she was beautiful, and I wanted one from her. Oh well. Lots of other girls point and sort of giggle together after passing us, which makes me feel good, and my self esteem is high. So there´s that. Seriously though, this place is so Dutch. There´s castles with courtyards, and enormous cathedrals with little narrow streets and cute little shops everywhere and everyone waves at each other, and there´s just a general feeling of happiness. It´s different from Rotterdam where it felt everyone was flipping us and everyone else off in their minds.

My companion actually went to high school with me, and worked at stokes for a bit. We´ve had a good time talking about the good ol´ high school years and asking if we know X person, or went to X event. Kinda fun. After high school, he joined the National Guard and did basic training and another training before he came out. Now he´s here. His last companion was Elder Watson, who is from Scotland, and was pretty anti-american I guess. Pair that with a guy who was in the military, and there was bound to be sparks. I´ve heard my fair share of their debates on gun laws, freedom, and fat americans. So far Elder Vanfleet is fun and a good companion. Both of our Dutch can use some work, but we got someone in church! The members told us several times that it's been an awful long time since someone came to church, and we were able to satiate their appetite for investigators. Enough said already.

Well, maybe just one very last thing: We have a wonderfully prepared lady who was a referral from a facebook campaign and she has been really positive. She agreed to come to church, however she's really poor and has no mode of transportation to church. We arranged for the branch president to pick her up for this sunday only since she lives way out in the boonies, and she loved church so much, that she said she'll make church a number one priority and will certainly come every single week and get baptized. Crazy but hopeful as ever!


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Introducing Elder Meads'

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