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Monday, May 9, 2016

Week 044/102: maandag 28 maart email van Elder Meads

Ik ben klaar nu te email! Graag!

Goede morgen, middag of avond alles!

This week was good, so thanks for tuning in. I felt like this entire week was devoted to a wildly successful Easter campaign that the church did. They had so many referrals, that they ran out of DVD´s to give to people, so they told us not to contact them until this week so as to make sure that they get the DVD. We had 18 referrals total to do, and that´s a lot to do in only 5 days time especially when you have a lot of referrals all over Zeeland which is large province. We´d never be able to do it! Well I forgot that it´s God´s work, so the Heavenly Father pulled some heaven strings, and we organized splits with the branch, and two brothers came with us and we got ALL of them within the space of a few hours!

That was nice, and we´ve booked so many appointments with said referrals that we´re booked for the next 2 weeks, so that´s exciting. Thanks God! :D  In all seriousness though i was super stressed about getting it put together and the super willing and supportive members of the branch here really came through in clutch and we got it all. So, even if they don´t ever read this, another shout out of thanks to them!

I know all of you want to know how it is living 2 hours away from Brussels when it was bombed, but I have no fear. Mainly because I live in Vlissingen and I don´t think anything would happen here since it´s too small, but I´m sad some people are idiots and feel like they have to kill people and make others terrified to...? What?? I’m not even sure what they get from it. It develops a testimony that some people are really stupid in the world. I also want to end with how much i love Vlissingen. Apartment that overlooks the sea, sweet and friendly people (finally) and the work is starting to really pick up! My Mom wants me to do a Day by day thing in here, so here goes:

Monday: p-day! We emailed, we shopped, we had dinner. Pretty normal P-day. not a whole ton to do here in Vlissingen, but it is beautiful with lots of history. Look up Uncle Beach if you get the chance, yea. I live here.

Tuesday: Went to district meeting. I cooked Aardappelen heel anders which turned out very garlicy and not enough of it, but it wasn´t bad. I went on exchanges with Elder Stanger, my district leader, this day and we had a lot of success contacting people. Thanks for all the potentials Elder Stanger!

Wednesday: Re-exchanged, and went to a dinner. Not tons to report, but we did good work that day, and the food was delicious. Had a lesson with an investigator directly after and i feel he´s actually going to give praying over the BoM an actual chance, which is nice.

Thursday: What even happend thursday...hmm. Geen idea.

Friday: Worked out what to do Saturday with referrals, organized splits and finalized everything for the weekend.

Saturday: Game day. We arrived at the church by 1pm and gave a brief introduction to the members that came on what we were doing and we were off. I was on the bike with a member, and my companion, Elder Vanfleet, was in the car with another. We were staying around our house and church doing look ups here, and they were going south to get some look ups along the border of Belgium. We finished a little early so we ate some Harrring met brood (bread) which was really good! Saturday was all a success!

Sunday: Had church and several good lessons in church about Easter and Jesus, then went to a member meal which was good. They referred us to go look up an older lady who was all alone for Easter, and we went. This older lady was so nice with the coolest conversion story. The gospel is true. I love that fact.

Details over Vlissingen. It´s a smaller town, especially coming from Rotterdam, and I love every second of it! Did I mention that we live in a place with an ocean view (i guess technically it´s a North Sea view, but details)? Vlissingen is so nice and we get lots of success because people will come up and ask us what we’re doing and then listen to our answer here. They’re not interested to hear more, but they are glad we are doing what we feel best. So cool, I´m enjoying every second of my transfer here. Details over my companion, elder Vanfleet: Wanna know what´s crazy? We went to the same high school! Only in Utah right?? He´s cool. He was in the military before his mission and his stories are bomb. We get along swell and have a lot of good times. He can go faster than I can on his bike which was disheartening, so i made a competition on who could go slowest. After falling off our bikes and struggling to keep balance, I finally won being the slowest. I can almost stay up in a stopped position for a few minutes. Crazy. So if you are ever wondering what kind of stuff missionaries will try on their mission, then this is it: how to go REALLY slow on your bike. Stay jazzy, stay real.

-Elder Meads


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