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Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Week 51/102: maandag 16 mei email van Elder Meads

May 16 = A very busy week As the title suggests, this was an incredibly busy week full of appointments.

Random Thoughts: I love being in Vlissingen. I feel ‘at home’ here. My favorite location in this area is the beach which is just so pretty and serene. Also, a place called Middelburg is one of the most beautiful cities I've ever seen. I have also met some amazing people here in the Netherlands. I have made some life time friendships while I've been here so far, which I love. It has been a unique experience, not needing to worry about food bills, rent, transportation, etc. With all finances and temporal things never a problem - which is super cool - it leaves room to expand your spiritual side, which is a nice opportunity. This past year has flown and I have this last year to improve. I’ve never studied the scriptures like I have been here. Now I love reading and studying the scriptures as a personal uplift, and plan to keep it up once I return.

Monday: We did our P-day stuff, and went to our first appointment, but she said she was cooking and to come back another day. Sometimes it just frustrates me that people forget appointments and the only return appointment we can get from them is to "come back another day", but whatevs. :D

Tuesday: We had District Meeting led by yours truly. This week wasn't as good as last I believe, but that's a matter of opinion. It still went well though. Then I went on exchanges with some other elders in my district which was really fun. We ate home-made pizza that night because I'm a bauws.

Wednesday: Re-exchanged with my companion, and began the busiest day of the week. We began with an investigator who is Protestant and loves to sing the Psalms - with us. So we exposed him to some Motab, which he loved. Kind of interesting to sing Psalms, I've never sung anything from a different religion before, so I'm pretty pleased with having had the opportunity.  Afterwards, we went to a refugee camp to teach a lesson to a referral from the AP's. This lady is from Africa and WALKED to the Netherlands. To keep it short, she's seen a lot of death in her time. Well her friend walked in, and we gave her a Restoration lesson, and what was cool, is that the investigator we intended to teach started teaching the Restoration point for point from the pamphlet. The AP's taught this lady well, and I think she's totally gonna get baptized.
From there, we biked to another investigator and taught about receiving answers to prayers. They are some really good people. It's a couple from Surinam and India and their children make me very happy because they’re so cute. The little boy of like, 1 or 2 always points to something with a look of suprise on his face and says "Dit!" which means "this", and then point to something across the room and turn around with the same look and say "Dat!" which means "That". It makes me laugh. Such a great conclusion to a busy day.

Thursday: Nothing! We had exchanges with the ZL's planned, but that fell through dang it. The rest of the day was a wash out. Nothing, nothing, nothing , and more nothing.

Friday: I got a call on tuesday saying we needed to get going to Brussels to get Belgian drivers licenses. We had to drop 2 lessons which made me kinda sad because those lessons are hard to get scheduled. My week got a little less hard core because of it, but whatevs. I REALLY love going to Belgium - Especially Brussels. It's huge and an amazing city. We ate some waffles (which every bite was really better than any other waffle I've ever eaten) and some Fries (another thing Belgian's get sooooo right). We also sight saw a bit. Normally, every missionary see's a statue of a little boy taking a pee. The far less known one is a little girl peeing. Photo included. You're welcome.

Saturday: We had DLC which is us (now I can say this) big District Leaders talking about mission stuff while bringing up hilarious stories. :D I laughed a lot. Then we had a fun appointment with a member.

Sunday: Church! With 3 investigators in church (the most I've ever had on my mission)! The branch would've been really happy, except most of them weren't there because it's a holiday here in the Netherlands. Something you might find funny is that in a branch, when fast and testimony meeting comes, it's kinda needed that everyone bear their testimony just to get through the hour. There's only like 15-20 members, so everyone takes his or her turn sharing a gospel related experience, testimonies of the BoM, etc. Last night we had a lesson with a less active which was productive. 2 Ne 2:2 was used. I like that scripture. If you got all the way through this, email me the secret phrase *Kiwis over Apples* so I can tell you, Thanks for reading my emails!
-Elder Meads


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