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Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Week 52/102: maandag 23 mei email van Elder Meads

Hello everyone! Thanks for reading!

This past week's highlights: Sorry, but this week kinda sucked! Last week we were so busy with investigators and everything, and while this week seemed busy, the lack of teaching moments slowly started wearing on my patience. We just received a call from a member, and we're going to go do a few hours of service soon and will need to leave here in like 15 min, so I will speed type for you guys. BTW, next week I'll know if I’m getting transferred or not. Okay, let’s do this.

Monday: Lekker P-day, shopping, emailing, chilling. All is good. We left that night to go to Zone Training in Tilburg.

Tuesday: Had Zone Training, I had to give a 15 minute training on marking scriptures because I'm a District Leader now, and I felt it went well. Kinda hard to screw up a discussion on marking scriptures for 15 minutes, but I had a lot of good ideas going around. Also, the training itself was really good. The ZL's did a fantastic job on it. We had a lunch of chili which filled everyone up. We went home and looked a few people up who said we could come back on this day and teach, but they never answered. I kinda half expected this, so it didn't peeve me back then.

Wednesday: We had 2 lessons planned for today, however we found out that ZL's wanted to go on exchanges today, so we rescheduled everything to other days and spent the day in Tilburg. It was a lot of fun, they have a car since they're ZL's, and I really enjoyed listening to music with a decent stereo system! motab never sounded so good xP. We also played basketball with them which was fun.

Thursday: Woke up in Tilburg, and got back to Vlissingen. We had a lesson in the evening planned, so worked until then knocking doors and spreading the gospel, but our appointment called and cancelled since she was in Amsterdam. Dang. A day of knocking :/

Friday: Two appointments today, one with our most progressing investigator, and a dinner appointment with a member (one of my favorites :D). Our investigator lives a ways out, and takes about an hour and a half of travel to get to. We got there, and she cancelled on the door which is when I started to get irratable. We knocked in her area, and actually found a really cool potential, so maybe it was suppose to happen, idk. The dinner appointment was amazing though, and really helped me lift my spirits since they're amazing members.

Saturday: Well, by now, we have had no lessons which is the best place to teach and do my job as a missionary, so I'm frustrated and negative. We had one lesson today and she had cancelled pretty frequently in the past, so I wasn't optimistic. We arrived, and she wasn't home. I became a brooding stormy Elder Meads who did not want to be talked to. We did a few unsuccessful look-ups, and tried again later in the day, and YES! She was home! We went in, and I realized something that'll shape my life for the better in that appointment, and it's not what you're expecting.

She has a 14 year old son, and he wanted to play a game called World of Warcraft, so she logged him on. I was greatly interested since I hadn't even seen that game since I had left home, and I had played it extensively before my mission. He was showing off all of his characters and mounts and achievments and everything. At first it was really cool and weird to see it. Well, as he continued, it slowly started to dawn on me that this game didn't look fun at all. The game I remember and cherish in my heart was not the game I was looking at. It was too easy! He was just running around blasting everything to death in one hit, his character was riding in a motorcycle with an Orc wearing a tux and hat, and it just seemed so pointless. Instantly, hours of doing practically nothing raced back to me and I decided then and there, I was DONE with current World of Warcraft. The game I remember was epic! I was killing dragons and taking names! But now it just seemed like a joke. An orc riding a motorcycle in a tux and top hat is a total joke. The memories I have will continue to be cherished, but that's what they are now. Memories. I don't think I'll waste as much time on games when I get home. I'm still gonna play them, don't get me wrong, but it's much lower on my priority list.

Eh-hum. The lesson. It went very well! We answered a lot of questions and she committed to come to church and think heavily about baptism. Success.

Sunday: The lady from yesterday came, and I really enjoyed watching the branch welcome her and ask eagerly who she was. I love the life that comes to the branch when someone new comes. They get super excited and start volunteering for Joint Teachings, and I really super appreciate the branch and members’ help. They help a lot more than they know for missionary work. Later in the night we had a lesson with a less active that also ended up meeting with us and we read Alma 32 with her, which she said really helped her. I love being here helping people!

Thanks for all your emails! Tell me how your week goes! I’ll try to answer everyone by next week!
-Elder Meads



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