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Thursday, March 17, 2016

Week 041/102: maandag 07 maart email van Elder Meads

Transfers :D
So this week has been a good one, which is good because I´m sure none of you wished a bad week on me.  The week began with a good district meeting on Tuesday given by Elder Sosa in which we reviewed how to properly deal with referrals.  Friday is the really important day though, because on Friday, we were invited to a members home for dinner, but this is no ordinary dinner, oh no.  This is a dinner where the sisters coming to the Netherlands were skyping the member for TRC.  Yes, i got a sneak peak at the new sisters coming into the mission.  Their dutch sounds really really good for MTC, and I remember with shame my MTC dutch, which could be called non-existent very easily. 
  Dinner was really good too, an omelette with fries in it.   Very filling and good.  Saturday was also really good as we had a baptism to go to in Zoetemeer again.  Zoetemeer is on fire as this is their 3rd baptism this transfer, and seeing as I´ve never really gotten anyone close to baptism, i was impressed.  The service was good, and the girl getting baptized sang ´I love to see the temple´ afterwards, and it was sweet as candy soaked in honey.

Transfers:  I am going to Vlissingen with Elder Vanfleet, and Elder Tolman is staying here in Rotterdam with Elder Watson.  I don´t know anything about either of our new companions, so ask me next week for my new one.  What I do know about Vlissingen though is that they have a small branch instead of a ward, just like my first city of Assen.  The apartment has a beach view, and we´ll be biking... a lot.  that means that at long last, i must buy a helmet T.T   I´ve avoided it this far, and I´m impressed i got this far, but all good things must end.

Thank you for all of your emails, I enjoy them, I got a few this last week from people I haven´t heard from in a very long time, so thanks!  If you haven´t talked to me in a while, maybe this week is your week to shine and make me smile!

  -Elder Meads 

Also, side note: We had an investigator who I made 3 of the 5 boxes of mac and cheese from my last care package with.  It was a meal well LOVED ´´Real American Macaroni and Cheese´´ She was like, "Wow, does your bowels always protest this hard?"  We were just like... "Yep! You´re a real american now!"  It was funny.
in front of the Rasmus Bridge 


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Introducing Elder Meads'

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