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Monday, December 28, 2015

Week 031/102: maandag 28 december email van Elder Meads

 Christmas was supringly hard for me, I didn´t think it would be any kind of hard, but it was. I really am so happy we were able to skype. I was getting SO 'trunky' homesick before the skype, and while some residual 'trunkiness' continues, it´s not even half as bad as what I was feeling before it. Man I gotta say, Ben has gotten tall. That was the first impression that I got, other than that, everyone seems the same. I got off skype to eat dinner, and I said a total of maybe 5 words. I was just staring at my plate and thinking, ´´ Did that just happen?´´ It was a good to skype with no one waiting in line behind me too.

Yea, I can´t wait to get back and see how much of a giant Ben has become and for everyone to make fun of it, especially ben and I. The fact that in 1 year from now, I´ll be skyping again is really daunting. A whole year will pass by and i will still be a missionary. When that christmas skype comes though, that´ll be my last skype before coming home, and i won´t even have 6 months left or anything, I´ll be getting pretty trunky then ;) especially since picking me up became a big possibility. I can´t wait for that!

The Veermeer family went all out for us missionaries and made this Christmas perfect. The best part about the netherlands is that they have Eerste Keerst (25th) Tweede Keerst (26th) and Deerde Keerst (27th). Johnson and I talked for hours about how weird it was to skype. Those extra days gave us a chance to say how good it was to see our families and how it enables us to move forward now. Good word – Satiated - I love your vocab mom!

Oh well, we´re getting back to it this week, we have a lesson with an investigator today, who is our only progressing investigator... maybe our only one. If not we only have like 1 more. Anyway, last time we were in a lesson with him, he had porn playing, so we´ll be teaching Law of Chastity again today, so that´ll be fun... not! We´ve had no snow here, this morning on the walk out to the church, I didn´t even wear a jacket and it was like 6:40 or something when we left, so that should say something. There are even flowers in people’s yards. Nice to hear you have snow at home.

I guess it has only been a little over 7 months since seeing you all. Mother’s day will come very soon, and then I´ll be half way through. That blows my mind not only for how fast my mission has been going, but also how much longer I have to go. We have appointments to get to so my time is limited.

I´ll talk to you all later. Skype was really fantastic, I loved it. Reminds me that there´re faces behind the people emailing me. Looking forward to skyping this coming up Mothers day, which isn´t even that long away, so get excited. Sorry this email has been so one topic. I’m sending lots of photos for you. Those windmills are next to this lake, and those windmills turns out were super fancy restraunts, but that tree was shaking like a leaf. I thought it was gonna just break and I was gonna plunge into the water, but luckily some angel or something was lifting my fat butt so I wouldn´t, lol. I was trying my best to hold the moon. Time’s up. I love you all and thanks for emailng me!     
-Elder Meads
 Messily made hot chocolate, I know, but I’m showing off Sanaya´s Christmas / going away from Assen gift.  The pac man dots, ghosts, and pac man himself each only appear 
when the mug heats up.  Really quite cool.

MTC PARTY!! This is an advertisement for a Sunday night devotional. 
It made me laugh cause the MTC was geen party ;) Grapje of course!

Nathan´s Christmas Tree in full bloom and now decorated.
Inside the Markt Hall 
An ice sculpture we saw
 Flowers in December?!
 lake harbor
Here’s a cool windmill next to a lake, which we saw all whilst exploring Rotterdam.  
 That tree was so shaky, I thought it was gonna fall!
 Johnson & I for a very Dutch picture
Oh so European in our European pants.  Looking pretty lekker in my opinion
Christmas morning with a less active.  We had Christmas Ham and 
American Pancakes for some brunch.  So nice!
 The Veermeer´s Christmas tree
They really pulled out all the stops for us.  Salmon, eel, and trout on crackers, banana bread, and Christmas treats plus Cranberry juice.  Dinner was awesome too.  We heated up whatever we wanted on individual trays.  


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Introducing Elder Meads'

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