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Monday, December 7, 2015

Week 028/102: maandag 7 december: Geen foto's genomen, maar er is een leuke e-mail deze week.

Hoi everyone!

Thanks for the emails. Firstly, I’m sorry about not emailing last week. I don't think that for the next 2 p-days I’ll be able to send longer type emails like this one. Sorry :/

When this transfer is finished, I'll have been in Assen for 3 transfers, a total of 17 weeks. I like Assen, I love the Branch members, love having the investigators we're teaching, and we get so much food every week that it's wonderful.  So I’m happy for the time being. Still, I will probably get transferred out and some other missionaries will get to take up where we left off. This coming up Sunday night we will most likely get a call from our Zone Leaders, and they will inform us whether we are staying or if we'll be transferred, and where to go and with whom to meet up with. Then we pack and stuff and come Wednesday morning, we leave (if we get transferred or our companion does) and go to a train station to meet our new companions. Then from that train station we say goodbye to our old comps and leave to unpack in our new city.

Physical –Send me as many recipes as possible. Variety is needed. 'Nuf said. Working out has been at a standstill since I've been sick, and Harp claims it is now officially too cold to run. Oh well, fun while it lasted I guess.  Now it's burpees and push-ups in the apartment, something I am not good at doing AT ALL. I would much rather get out and run and see new terrain and such, but oh well. I know Assen like the back of my hand anyway and there is no unexplored nook or cranny of this city that I don't know about because recently we've been exploring every single tweede hand winkel we can find.

I was sick this last week, but now I'm better. I'm sporting a minor runny nose and sore throat, but nothing to even remotely keep me in our apartment or anything. Harp put me in this super intense choke hold last Sunday night while we were wrestling over candy, and anyway, he got his legs around my neck like a vice and completely choked off my air and blood flow so my vision went completely black and I couldn't breathe, I finally had the thought to double tap since that's what they do in wrestling, so I did it and he released me and my vision didn't return for like 40 seconds.  It was intense! I had him show me it and now I know it and maybe can get him back! So cool!

Mental/Emotional - Missionary life can be as redundant or as sporadic as you make it out to be. I've had really hectic weeks where normal missionary work has been to a 10, and I've had weeks where it just seems to drag by - like knocking the same doors, and getting the same rejections, and going to the same apartment where we eat the same style of food and listen to the same music. At the moment, my life is pretty rigorous and I would say 80% of the time, life is a roller coaster here. Sometimes I miss home, but mostly not. I go about 2 weeks ish without any kind of homesickness, and when I do, it isn't at all bad. Mostly wish you all could be here with me. No worries. Every day I find another reason to love the Netherlands, so I'm good and fine here. I am forgetting so much medical assisting stuff that it's just eating at me, though. I wish I had my giant textbook. Isn't it weird how you come to miss your giant textbook?!? I really miss having a decent answer for most medical questions. Anyway, I'll have plenty of time to relearn everything when I get back, and if not, God will help me.

Spiritual - Good as ever, reading scriptures in the morning, praying and all that jazz. We do get to weekly watch a church movie: The Testaments, Legacy, ... Not sure if it's worse acting than the testaments, but I'm gonna go ahead and say yes, plus a bland story, and I've watched it in multiples. Let's see, what else have we got in our missionary library.... Oh yea, Only a Stone Cutter, cool the first time you see it, okay the 2nd time it's watched, really annoying and bland the 50th time. I will say though that 17 miracles was a phenomenal film. I just have to get my hands on Ephraim’s Rescue. Listen to me, lol.

I saw a cool miracle the other day, Harp went into this café and wanted to look at magazines, I was looking at a national geographic and he had some lady come up to him and wrote her address and number in his planner, so we sat down with her and her husband who ordered us hot chocolate and we talked about the gospel. They said they had previously had the missionaries over for dinner every week around 4 years ago, and asked why we had fallen off the face of the earth. We told them we'd gladly eat their food and share messages and what not, so that was cool. We visited too. Then yesterday their son showed up to church.  Now, we're also gonna teach their son. I share the best gift of all, the gospel :)

Other stuff - Christmas is over in the Netherlands, the 5th of December is present opening evening when Sinterklaas comes and knocks on your door and gives out presents with a bunch of Zwarte Petes. Which reminds me, I just sent out a Christmas package home which was 45 euro xO - remember euro not dollar.  Needless to say, you guys aren't gonna be getting anything else as crazy big for next Christmas. So expensive! Sorry again, I don't mean to be a financial burden or anything, and I'll be wiser the next time I buy anything or send a package off. Hope you enjoy this package though ;)

I’m looking forward to Christmas skyping friends and family. The Loorbachs (a member in our branch) say that if we stay in Assen, we're coming to their house for Christmas and we're eating a feast and we can skype for more than an hour, however if you get transferred and there isn’t a ward member’s house you can skype from, you get sent to the mission home for Christmas where you're fed an even more massive meal and you can only skype for 45 min since so many other missionaries are wanting to skype. I'm most likely getting transferred out of Assen, so I really have no idea how this will go down. Contact my mom if you want in on the skype call – You know who you are. Okie dokie, love you all. -Elder Meads

[Note from Heather Meads: All family/friends are welcome to come in on Christmas skypes, but Mother’s Day will be exclusively ours alone. Please contact me by Christmas Eve whether or not to expect you. Thanks!]


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Introducing Elder Meads'

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