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Monday, November 23, 2015

Week 026/ 102: maandag 23 november e-mail van Elder Meads

Too bad, peanut butter
The title of my email today is a funny saying that the Dutch use instead of 'Too bad so sad'.  They instead like to say, 'too bad, peanut butter'. xD  This week we had a lot going on that wasn't really missionary work but essential non the less.  We had Zone Training which took a day, and was cool.  Apparently the big Facebook campaign has been shut down due to a lot of hate and such on the internet, so no more Facebook posts from here.  Sweater days come very often now too – like every day.
  Let's get to the really exciting part though.  I had to go on a surprise Belgium trip again that I didn't know about until they called me the night before and said I had to pack up and be in another city an hour away in 5 hours.  So, we finished teaching a lesson, headed home, packed, and headed over to Zwolle for a sleep over.  We didn't get to bed until 12, and had to wake up at 6am to catch our train going to Leiden.  Once we got to Leiden, we met the Office Elders who were to drive us down to Belgium.  Elder Cook drove us down to Belgium and we eventually got to Brussels.  I bought myself some Belgium Chocolate on the way, and I’m not kidding you guys when I say US Hershey's chocolate is an abomination in the sight of Elder Meads.  There’s just no contest, folks.  I bought a Belgian milk chocolate bar just so I could chop it up and mix it into our next batch of cookie batter. No chocolate chips? No worries!  A broken chocolate bar works great.  We make pretty decent cookies here (much to my companions delight).
  Once in Brussels, we met up with some really cool French Missionaries and we all sat down to eat together.  Now the first notable thing about Brussels is that half of them speak French and the other half speak Flams which is a really odd form of Dutch.  Both sound really quite incredible when spoken by girls, and I was transfixed by the French speaking women most of all.  The rumors are true guys, they are incredible, and I suppose I'm lucky as these daughters of God had shaved, lol.  While we were sitting with the French elders to eat, I got to talking about the recent ISIS killings in Paris and the Elder I was talking to said that he was getting ready for bed when everyone outside their apartment began shouting like they were losing their minds.  He and his comp were then called and told that they weren't allowed to leave the apartment for 2 days, then he was emergency transferred to Brussels. 
Well, while we were eating our food, the office elder, Elder Cook, got a phone call from the M.O.  They said that the U.S. Embassy had called them and informed them that the Brussels Centrum had had two bomb attempts and that it was being evacuated, so to make sure we would all be very careful while there in Brussels.  When he got off the phone, we went over the mission’s emergency escape and what not plans before we headed over to the legality place.  So, I now have my Belgium residency permit fully updated.  Once finished with our paperwork, we then drove all the way back home.  It was pretty intense.  Elder Cook was really on edge and anytime someone would honk their horn he would glance around to make sure no one in turbans or something was running up the street with guns blazing.  That was probably the most interesting time of my week. 
  I definitely felt comfortable returning to my Assen apartment. I'm reading the BoM and Bijbel every day of course, and though Proverbs 3:5&6, is still my favorite, I really like this spot in 2nd Nephi which talks about 'don't waste your money and talents on things that don't bring joy'.  In other words, don't buy expensive clothes, cars, and other things that don't truly bring happiness.  Rather, we need to spend it on more worthwhile eternal things like experiences with loved ones, and of course the obvious other things the scriptures teach of like donating to the poor and whatever.
  Let’s see …Our investigators Sanaya and Klaas' parents were over there last night with Elder Harp and I to celebrate their twins birthday.  That was fun.  We have decorated for Christmas now. We have a small tree which we've fully set up with everything that was in your package (BTW HOLY CRAP THANK YOU SO MUCH, YOU PUT SO MUCH WORK INTO THAT PACKAGE IT WAS CRAZY!)  So, yeah, I got my Christmas package.  Thanks.  It's amazing :D  Slaap lekker moeder! 
I know you are all getting ready for Thanksgiving, and I was asked what the top ten things I’m most thankful for are, so here goes:
1] Family & Friends
2] Health and how well our bodies work for us
3] This Mission experience
4] Technology and this day and age we live in with all its advances
5] The world and just how it is so complex and wonderful
6] Music and the effect it has on our emotions and such
7] Playing games and the closeness it brings others to you
8] Absolutley
9] No
10] Idea what else to write ;)

Okay, please email me with some of your cool stories, everyone, the usual. :D  Tell me how Thanksgiving goes and what you’re thankful for. I love to get posted mail too. I haven't written the apartment address in my new planner yet. Shoot.  But here's the mission office address:

Belgium/Netherlands Mission
Elder Connor Meads
Schuttersveld 2C
2316 ZA Leiden
The Netherlands
Alright, talk to you later. Bye.    -Elder Meads

           The last video of a party happening in Assen which celebrated the coming of Sinterklaas.
      There he is in all of his Roman Catholic Sainted glory and two of his many Zwarte Pieten helpers.

A windmill we found and explored:

How the windmill works in Dutch
 I took some photos and a video inside the windmill.
 We bought one of those bags of flour, and they made some pretty incredible pancakes.
These are chocolate letters which the Dutch give to others for Christmas.  
If you're popular enough you get all your name.  E is for Elder
 as requested:
 Zuster Voss and myself
 The before mentioned pancakes-I guess it's a crime or something to spread butter on them.
A video of me opening my Christmas package.  It was awesome!
 I hung it up and it is pretty awesome!
 It’s Christmas time :D
"Cookies, which were really delicious"
 This is in Belgium, and all our jaws were on the floor that a small box of 
Cruesli was 8:50 euro.  That is just wrong.
 A French missionary I met in the restaurant where we were informed 
that the centrum was being evacuated.
 A photo of all the mission presidents:
We found this on our way back to our apartment.
So many people are in absolute uproar about what is happening with ISIS.
It was snowing big fat flakes, but you can't see them too well.
Keeping warm on the inside :D
Beautiful blue skies:
Sanaya's twins birthday party video (too large to download here):
Here’s a really popular Surinamese food: dried bananas.   
 Sanaya's happy cat:
And finally, here I am rocking my new suit:
Check out the Euro checkered lining, lol!  


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Introducing Elder Meads'

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