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Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Week 025/ 102: maandag 16 november e-mail van Elder Meads

I'm here still in Assen, and yes, healthy, wealthy and wiser – I think. The major event of the week has been the Paris Bombing and shootings. The Netherlands has actually declared war on Isis, which is strange since the Netherlands isn't usually the first one to go to war as it is so small. Well in missionary work it hasn't helped much. All weekend long everyone here has been too busy FREAKING to want to talk about anything else. Everyone is raging about it, and really just bashing muslims. With everyone shouting in Dutch and all talking at once, it’s hard to follow. Because it was over my head, I felt a lot like Frodo in the Fellowship of the Ring when they're all at the council and everyone starts arguing to decide who will carry the ring. I didn't understand every word, but I could definintly tell they were all arguing. Everyone was talking over each other and shaking their fists and raising their voices. We usually have appointments made by the weekend, but with everyone concerned for France right now, along with us, we had nothing to do. So we did lookups down at the church and ordered the pizza. We had 6 cancelled appointments Friday and Saturday, so hopefully we can pick those back up this coming week.

But yes, everyone is freaking out about Paris, and everyone wants to talk about it. Religion is a more touchy subject now - it seems, but we will still see success. As far as our investigators go, they're going good. Sanaya and Klaus are progressing, but it seems that the lessons are more directed toward Aeden, their son of 9 years. Aeden though is extremely bright, he has memorized our lessons, and teaches them to Sanaya and Klaus which is sweet! He also teaches it to kids at school, and even though the kids at school tell him that it's dumb to believe in God, he tells them that they are dumb instead! I suppose I feel a pride that a mom or dad feels :D Sanaya and Klaus are also being fellowshipped by a family in the ward, the Cornnishes. They have many parties and evenings and such which are cool since they're getting into the ward socially. I personally think it's just a matter of time before they get baptized.

Earlier this week, I saw the Dutch pope-looking version of Santa though! They call him Sinterklas or something like that, I’m butchering the spelling, but basically he comes on a boat from Spain or somewhere December 6th , and he has a bunch of black afroed Zwarte Petes with him. There’s a parade which I filmed snips of for you all to enjoy too. The center of town is just a big contacting area for us. We also look around shops and such. The Zwarte Petes have been running around all week and dancing and tossing candy at kids and such. It's really cute to see, and I can't wait until I have kids so I can take my kids to see Santa and their faces light up. Sinterklaas didn't even ask me what I wanted for Christmas, but whatever.

This Sunday was special since it meant a change in the branch presidency, and we had an area 70 actually (though I don't remember his name). We had FINALLY gotten a less active member to church, and this was the first meeting he was in. Ummm... Besides that, I made the bread recipe you sent, and it's super sweet! We need more quick and easy recipes, so tell everyone you know to email me their favorite recipes for two (connor.meads@myldsmail.net). That’d be great! The Dutch don’t celebrate Thanksgiving and we want to have a few ideas for that plus just a greater number of meal ideas to rotate. The Dutch also don't have any chocolate chips here, you'd think they would, but no. So stupid! I miss Sunday night cookies.
Sorry, but there’s not a lot of time this week. Thanks for sending emails, and for all the photos too. I loved them a lot! Love you guys! Stay fresh and ttyl -Elder Meads

Dominos is delivered using mopeds, not cars. Thought that would be funny to you guys.


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