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Monday, October 12, 2015

Week 020/ 102: maandag 12 october e-mail van Elder Meads

     Hey Mom, this week I'm going to start off my email to you.  The main thing I wanted to say was Elder Holland's talk was beautifully put, and I am echt appreciative of what you've done for me thus far in my life.  Also I'm super appreciative of how you continually strive to find ways to support me while I'm on my mission.  Well, I've been especially grateful this week because it was my birthday, and lo and behold the arm of my mother stretches across almost half way across the entire planet!  The ward members here threw me a giant party because you had done your Missionary Momma thing.  My comp said that he had never even heard of a ward doing anything as big as what was done for me, so you've now passed into the realm of "legendary supporter".  Wow, blown away, Mom!  Oh I love your detail oriented mind mom :)  I really really did enjoy it. 
The morning of I got like 12 or 13 texts wishing me a happy birthday from various members of the ward, investigators and other missionaries.  Then we had a lesson planned for an investigator, but his girlfriend answered the door in barely a towel and said he wasn't home, so we left (quickly), but other than that, the rest of the day was missionary work as usual.  Then came our member dinner appointment.  I don’t know what you told them about how I like to eat, but it was perfect.  The Lorbach meal that was given on my birthday was incredible.  Worst, Saur Kraut, and bacon - Absolutely fantastic!  Then, next thing I know, Surprise!  I had a huge party thrown for me van the ward. Broeder Lorbach video'd it all, and I'm sure he'll send it to you. 
Torniainen's last P-day we went to a restraunt and got permission to just spend the whole rest of the night there, so we lekker chilled in the restraunt eating food and having long conversations. Today, I got permission and am gonna use a chunk of my MSF to go to P-day Sushi with D'agostin, my MTC comp, for the first time in the mission field.  But yea, 2 video's were made with me opening up the 2 care packages I recieved.  Wowowowow.  I felt the love.  All my needs/wants are more than taken care of! :D Thanks! 

I love this mission.  I really love how loving President Bunnell is.  He's a super loving guy, and he inspires us one by one.  For example, he knows I like the medical field, so he tells me I can give shots (upcoming this week I think).  He inspires each individual differently, but with so much love it's a little exhausting. The work is slowly moving forward.  We have like 5 or so investigators, and at the moment, none are progressing. They think they can just get baptized and that's the end of it, check it off their list and return to life as usual.  So we meet with a few and such, but afterwards most don’t want to be bothered. The church is small here, I think it's only a branch, but everyone sings in church. I love hearing Dutch songs sung.  Maybe one day I'll video it or something.  Reading the Book of Mormon is actually really clicking in Dutch.  The members have been so helpful with my learning the language too.   I have learned many specifics of how I ought to word my sentences: We were in a dinner appointment with a member, and it was a wee bit nippy outside, so they gave me a jacket to wear which was a furnace.  So I said "Ik ben warm" which should directly translate to "I am warm".  However, if you want to say that, you're supposed to say "Ik heb het warm" which means "I have it warm".  So what did I say?  I said essentially "I'm horny" which made them recoil and then realize I didn't know what I was saying.  That's my best story of mixing up my Dutch thus far.  xD  So this one’s interesting.  You can say "hoor" pronounced exactly like whore, and you say it at the end of a sentence for emphasis maybe.... It's really weird and I don't understand it yet, but you can say "ja hoor/nee hoor" or just throw it on at the end of a random sentence for emphasis.  That, and all the Dutch goodbyes are fantastic.  There’s so many of them. Instead of see ya later or anything, they make a bunch of noises ("Doi!" "Doi Doi!" "Dag!" "Hoi!" etc.) back and forth.  You can really just make a similar sound to what they just did and they won’t question it. Lol.  I love being here among the Dutch people and really people from all around the world.  The smell of freshly made stropewaffels - Wow, so good as well!

My new comp is fantastic.  He’s been out longer and he's a geek.  You know am I too, and when we’re in between appointments or have down time, we never lack for topics.  We can have long running conversations together.  He's a hard worker and we get a lot of missionary work done.  He's also pretty funny, as he was an actor before his mission just on the side, so he's really hilarious with stories of that.  The only hiccup we’ve had was on Sunday, when he had canceled our appointment with Broeder De Jonge, just to set up his version of what he later referred to as a test for me to see if I would pass. Long story short, we won’t drop scheduled missionary appointments for testing distractions.  I passed his ridiculous ‘feeling the spirit’ test.  Spirituality is personal.  Let Christ be the judge of how strong each person’s is.  We each have too many beams in our own life to deal with, for any of us to judge someone else’s mote.  No worries.  We’re good and have moved on to focus more on the work ahead of us.  (That sounds like I need to also move on.)

Now I'll email you guys about what happened last night, which was kind of a miracle: 
So!  To begin this story off, we will start with my very first day in the Netherlands doing the work.  I was a jet lagged and tired guy, but Torniainen and I were in the center of Assen at like 8:30 or so, and we contacted this guy.  We said we were new to Assen, and it was very apparent by the way he talked he was an ‘insta bro’.  He told us that since we were new in Assen, he could get us the hook ups for having a party tonight with lots of drugs, and we could have sex with a lot of girls and such.  We kind of awkwardly said that we actually had to go to sleep soon since I was jet lagged, but told him to give our cards to them.  It was kind of something to laugh at, but I didn't think much more about it after that.
  Well the following week or so, we met a new guy who is also an insta bro.  He called us over and we had no idea who he was, and he asked us if we were the Mormon Missionaries and we said that we were, then he pulled out a Mormon.nl card out and we confirmed that it was one of the cards we deal out.  We had a long conversation over America and our beliefs and so forth.  He was kind of drunk though so he said he wanted to talk later about Jesus, but would not give us his # or anything. Well, this past week with Elder Harp we ran into him again, and he called us over to a bunch of his "friends" who were all enjoying smoking pot.  Turns out this guy is a drug dealer who sells pot, heroin, meth, and whatever other drugs you can sell here.  When we got up to him, he demanded our cards.  I gave them over (about 20 or so cards) and he handed them out to each guy there smoking and said that if they didn't take it, they wouldn't get anymore drugs from him.  Then he told us to talk about Jesus ( He's like "Sprak over de Jezus dingen" - "Speak about the Jesus thing").  Okay.  So we told everyone there about Christ, His restored gospel, and what we do as missionaries, and so forth.  I actually had 4-5 people listening for quite some time to my broken Dutch talking about what our gospel is and such.  2 of them soon went back to smoking their pot, but 3 girls kept listening, and they said "I promise with all my soul I will look up this website, and read this book, and come to church" So yea, we have placed Mormon.nl cards via a drug dealer into the hands of those getting high on pot.  He also told us that if anyone in Assen gives us any trouble, we can have these guys find them up and "teach them a lesson" lol.  Not the lessons we’d want them to learn.  Well, none of that group has showed up to Church yet, but I can't wait to run into them again. We did have an investigator show up to church though!

The nuclear investigator we have is named Channe Visscher, an 18 year old girl we met on the bus who plays the piano really well.  We're getting into more lessons and that’s good.  She's showed up twice to church, and is keeping commitments to read and pray.  She's a member of a reformed/revived christian church and is pretty religeous, so hearing about Joseph Smith is weird to her, but she respects it and even will pray about it and such.  There's not a whole ton to speak about her because she's moved down to the middle of the Netherlands now, but hopefully she'll be baptized in the future.

Sanaya & Klaus are the other current investigators I can think of.  They're a family the Sisters found before we came to Assen, and they were never interested in the gospel.  (They were mostly interested in the Sisters babysitting their children, so they got permission from president, and that's all it's been till now.)  Now they’re telling us that they want the lessons taught, so we've given the 1st lesson.  Sanaya and Klaus accept it and even told us to come back and help them teach their children about God and such.  They are married and not just living together – a sweet couple who love their children.  So it's really just a matter of time before they get baptized.  They feed us every Friday, and we occasionally help out with a little service like cleaning or lifting wood or something.  They're really amazing investigators, and when you guys come to pick me up in 2017, they're probably going to be on the list to visit. 

Okay, I'll talk to you guys soon, and send me your thoughts, emails, photos, and the sort.  Love you guys!  Tell me more of your happy, crazy stories. I'll chat with you next week!

 -Elder Meads
We are blessed with captions: 

"My comp, myself, and some chef of a resturaunt that l have no idea who he is. 

Broeder De Braun took us there."

" This spider was found on Tuesday crawling inside the Church in Zwolle. I captured it, 

and it was ENORMOUS. That's like the palm of my hand about is the size of the blue circle." 

"Yep, really quite enormous as well caught in web-slinging action... 

Lunchtime, spidey style! Actually that's my comps frostbitten toe." 

"Zuster Lorbach, me, and" our ward mission leader, "Broeder De Yonge" (at Elder Meads' birthday party?).

"Klaus and Sanaya, very promising investigators of ours! Very sweet."


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Introducing Elder Meads'

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