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Monday, September 14, 2015

Weken 015 & 016/ 102: maandagen 07 & 14 september e-mail van Elder Meads

Hello Everyone,

This week I realized again that I am around the world in the mission I've been called to, and all of a sudden, 2 years wasn't near enough time to soak up a Dutch mission in a foreign land. It made me appreciate my struggle with Dutch, just the fact that I CAN communicate in Dutch with people, and it's their native tongue makes my mind swell with gratitude. It's a tender mercy that I can speak the language, for sure.

What a blessing it is just freaking being here in Nederlands, honestly, this place is amazing. The people are pretty beautiful too, even though they're all pretty much spiritually lost and loving that fact, but they're all beautiful. We have maybe 250 or so people slam the door before someone expresses interest. I'm sure it'll all work out though. We talk to probably 50 people every day, and only maybe once a week do people say we can come back to teach or something. The people that do agree are usually mentally off somehow and I feel that they don't understand what they're agreeing to, but thats okay because heavenly father loves them just the same. There are righteous people here too.

So we were on a bus and the bus was going out of our area, so we had to get off, and we asked this very beautiful young daughter of God where we were, and she said that we were on the outskirts of Assen, and invited us to her house to look at Google maps on her computer. We agreed since she mentioned that it was her parents house and that they'd be more than willing to get us a glass of water also, so we assumed there was family in the house. Well there wasn't anyone else in the whole house, and my companion and I realized this as soon as we spent like 30 seconds in the house. It was just us and this beautiful girl. this is pretty against the rules, but luckily her family arrived and I regailed them with stories of America and how not EVERY person in America can't walk because they're so huge. They were like "Wow, echt?" Which means wow, really? It was pretty fun to say that, then they said that they loved america and such. They were so nice to let us in, and then they drove us to our next appointment. It was a cool experience to see that kindness.

First off, I am so happy to be here with Elder Torniainen. He is the best companion and trainer. Really awesome. Every missionary I've met here is really cool. If we don't have a lot of teaching appointments which is pretty usual, we just go door knocking or street contacting, or look up potentials or stuff like that. We're whitewashing the area so there's a lot of work to do here. No other companionship comes to church in our assigned ward, just us. We go to this really small 2 story blue building, and the parking lot of the church is doubled with a garage storage unit area, kind of funny.

This week has gone by incredibly fast! Like really freaking fast. I've had some interesting experiences this last week, the biggest one is eating Madam Chanette Peppers, I probably spelled that wrong, but they are 30,000 scovial units, which is really hot. Its so hot that when I cut them up with my bare hands, my hands were spice burned, and they still burn right now as I type! I ate them and I experienced everything you don't want to experience. Burning literally everywhere, sweating, runny nose, hiccups, all that. Really crazy and kind of dumb for me to do, and what's dumber than eating one of those peppers? Eating two? No, eating 3 of those is dumb. My system is so clean right now, and also probably burned.

Another cool thing this week is I got to go to Stake Conference, and that was pretty good. It's hard to focus in it because I don't understand too much, but if I pay attention I can grasp the concept. That's hard though, so i usually just day-dreamed. I regretted that though since when Sister Bunnell spoke, she needed a translator to Dutch, well that translator fainted up on the stage, and i missed it because I wasn't paying attention. Dang it! lol

Next week I'm going to be traveling to Brussels to get my legality worked out, so expect a lot of pictures from that, also traveling somewhere out to get legality worked out for Nederland as well. I hope we have time for that trip. Apparently the world will end sometime in September, that's what this drunk guy said in a bar, so it must be true. He even drew it out on his napkin. It depicted a meteor coming to earth and smashing it. It was pretty terrifying ;P Stay safe and live.

Oh last thing real fast, the food here is really good. I mean really good. When they say the chocolate here makes you hate american chocolate they're right. It's not as dramatic as you think, I mean it is JUST chocolate, but after you eat it, you can't ever imagine peeling a Hershy's bar and feeling good about yourself as an American. Other notable things are the Bread, so good, and also the cheese. Like, just imagine your bread, and then imagine that's its garbage, and this bread is real bread. The cheese is unbelievable. I can just eat the cheese by itself. so good. They also have the BEST BEST BEST croissants here, like really really good. Ya, I may have a hard time going back to normal food.
Sorry no pics this week. Okay, I have nothing else to say, stay fresh alle tijde -Elder Meads

Good evening everyone,

This week was simply grand. I bought some European clothes, Pants, Shirt, and a tie for only 25 euro, they're really cheap but that's okay because they look so good. I also went to Den Haag for my Legality trip and got my identity card, it is WAY cooler than an American identity card, my picture is in 3D or something wacky like that, and I was going on hour 26 or something with no sleep when I took it, but oh man do i look crazy good with no sleep. One of the best pictures I've ever taken.

I also went to Brussels in Belgium for more legality work, and that place is a little sketchy since I felt the need to keep a very close eye on my wallet. But that trip was amazing because I had actual Belgium Waffels and fries with mayo, and sorry dad, but your waffels just don't have anything on these. They're too good, but also expensive. Also the buildings are incredibly beautiful, I have it all on dropbox, so just get in contact with my incedibly sweet mother if you want to view some delicious photos.

Other than that, I've been doing some missionary work pretty hardcore, but with almost no results sadly, that's okay, because this is a new week and I'll just work more. I don't have a whole crap ton more to say, but thanks for your emails everyone, they're pretty fantastic! TTYL next week

-Elder Meads


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Introducing Elder Meads'

Introducing Elder Meads'

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