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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Week 008/102 : 20 Juli e-mail van Elder Meads

10:31-11:40 am Monday, 07-20-15

Hoi Everyone,

This week was better I think than last week, but I’m still waiting for my VISA. The language is starting to slip without me practicing it 9 hours a day like in the MTC. The worst part is that no one speaks it here, so no one can correct me, and I think I'm starting to say stuff that's really bad Dutch/grammar, or not the right word to use because no one can understand it anyway. I don’t even get to say most of my prayers in Dutch.

This week I was trying to focus on getting along with my new companion, Elder Sumsion for those who don't know yet. He’s more intense than I am. Different styles of teaching and different interests too. Also, he doesn’t seem to like taking a lot of pictures. In the MTC we could use dropbox to upload photo's to family and friends throughout the week. He talked to the president about it because it wasn't explicit in the white handbook, so now I can't use that. I’m really trying to channel Christ's love for this guy.

We did have a few really good times this week namely getting new potentials. The norm here is that most everyone has heard of Mormons, and they don't want to talk about it because they've had a friend or someone else be a mormon, and have been asked about the church, but they were very set in their ways about their own religion. We get lots of "Guys, I'm not interested" which I'm good with. Let's move on. However, my companion makes it a rule to get 3 no's before we leave.  So this is the usual progression: 1st no: "Thanks for the thought guys, but I'm not interested, thanks again though" 2nd no: "Really, I'm okay. I don't want to hear about your religion, and I'm pretty busy right now" 3rd no: "If you guys don't get off my ****ing lawn, I'm gonna **** and ****, then **** all over the **** and the ***** mountains ******** scissors ***** my ex-wife ****" I have a tally of marks at the end of each week for how often we’ve been told to go to **ll. Yea, I try and tell my comp it's not worth leaving a bad taste in their mouth for the next missionaries that come by, but I guess he feels so strongly that he’s to try up to 3 times to get them to listen that he’s set in his ways. So, yea, I get to see a lot of really creative ways people use to tell us 'Go away.'

Some good contacts we had though, were mainly on Saturday, which was just 2 days ago for me. There was this blonde girl on this forest trail we bike through quite often, and we stopped and talked to her. She broke down while we were talking about personal challenges and the atonement and what not, and said that she just found out she was pregnant with another kid (because she had like a 2 year old kid with her at the time); and because of that, her boyfriend dumped her and kicked her out of the house, and she didn't know where she was gonna go. Etc. So we were like 0.o okay. Then she said that she'd love to hear our discussions and meet with our bishop about her current situation. She accepted a BoM and such, plus we got her #, and not her getting ours, which means we got this, and it was so really cool to help out.

After she said she had to go, we continued down the trail a little dumbfounded to what just happened, when we ran across another girl, this time a brunette, and around 18 years old. We stopped her, and she said that she was going off to college soon, and wanted a solid religion in her life to keep stable and such. She said she wanted to find out if our church was true, or to see if the church she grew up in was true. We gave her a BoM, and then I shared some of my story about the BoM and such. I found it easy to relate to her because we’re all around the same age, though we're kind of living opposite lives. We’re out preaching about Jesus Christ, and she's not totally religious. So while I talked to her, I think she thought it was good that I had this in my life, and she wanted that as well. We got her #, wrote her some cool scriptures to read in the BoM, and gave her the BoM. We have an appointment with her this Friday. :D Love this mission work, right?!

Well, the rest of the day was long, but in the end we got 5 new potentials. That doesn't happen often for us, but when I tried to celebrate a bit with a high five, my comp said "No, we were fruitful not because of us, but because of the Lord". A bit of a kill-joy. So, I just high-fived myself. He wasn't happy about that, but oh well, lol. I was Ammon & he was Aaron of Alma 26 is all – just different in how we view things, but still doing the work the Lord wants.

Not much else to say for this week. My Dutch language skills can't wait 'till my VISA clears. It should only be like 2-3 weeks now, so hopefully I won’t be back at M.T.C. week one. Maybe it’ll be more like at week 4/6 if I'm really lucky. I just want to teach the Dutch people and not kill their native tongue while teaching them. Please write me a bunch because it makes me happy. Sorry I can't write letters anymore to you all because here we're only allowed to write during our 1 hour email time, and I'd rather email because I type fast and it's instant. Sorry :/ They're super strict here. Like holy crap strict, lol. Sorry that I can't send photo's even now because my companion even has this ‘drop box is banned’ thing on p-days. O.o Don't worry, I didn't do anything to make him mad in the first place, but he just has a super high standard for missionary work, and anything that is questionable (not in the handbook) is brought before the MP, and the MP usually supports his bans. I only have 10 more minutes to email, and I still want to print off some talks. Thanks so much for your letter, I enjoyed Nathan's letter, though it was quite hard to read. I hope he gets the letter I can hopefully send today. My comp also isn't too hot on sending letters or writing them on p-days, so I'll see if I can convince him if I can even send it. Pray for us. We may need it.

Oh, Mom, you asked me to tell my P-day schedule: 6am -go play some pretty pathetic basketball with other elders. 7am-breakfast/shower/get dressed - my breakfast this morning at least was eggs, sausage, and onions with some OJ 8am-personal study - I just tried to decipher Jessica's Dwarvish letter. Not the best use of time, I know, but oh well :/ 9am-companion study - Always painful to get through because he just talks the entire time and shoots down my ideas, but whatever, right? Christ's love. 10am-head out, we ride over and email at about 10:30am. Then around 12pm - go eat some lunch, 1pm-shop for food, 2pm-go back to put away the groceries. 3pm-no idea, I only have 2 minutes left. I'll finish the rest later. Sorry again for the lack of photo's. I’ll upload them at the Seattle Airport if need be.

 -Elder Meads


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