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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Week 009/102 : 27 Juli e-mail van Elder Meads


Hello everyone,

This week was a little uneventful as far as crazy things that happen. We did have a few potentials and investigators drop us, so that was sad. Washington’s summer has been in the 90's, but now it's normalized, and goodness it's beautiful. There's a mist that covers literally everything in the morning. It's not thick or obscures driving or anything, it's just extremely pretty, and almost puts everyone in a hushed kind of mood in the morning, like everyone is just observing. It's amazing.

Language study is harder and harder, and it feels like I'm slowly losing my grip on Dutch. Words that I should and did know are not coming as easily. I am making really good use of language study now. I read Het Boek van Mormon out loud and compare it to the English version, and do the same with Predik mijn Evangeli. It works well enough, considering I haven’t anyone to study with. I'm to trying speaking my language all day long - mostly while it's just my companion and I. He doesn't like me doing that as much because he can't understand what I'm saying, but I’m not sure how I’m going to keep my mission language sharp otherwise. Man, do I sorely miss my friends from the MTC, and being able to talk in Dutch with them, and have them correct me if I used the wrong tense or didn’t conjugate the verb right. Not having my VISA is really frustrating, but I did some calculating, and I figure I turned my VISA in a month late, and my month mark will be on Thursday the 6th at the latest. If I go to the 15th or so, then I'll really start to worry and maybe ask around. Until then though, everyone gets really super moody when I ask about it, so I'll just have to be quiet. They'd rip my throat out for it, thinking I’m gloating. Yet how wrong is it for me to want to go where I was called to serve a mission?

Well, being on a mission is pretty hard in my opinion, but I meet a lot of new and interesting people. I met a guy who looks like the spitting image of Grandpa Meads. He is freaking hilarious. We had dinner with him, and someone would say "Please pass the hot sauce" and as he'd be passing it, he'd mutter under his breath, "More like paint remover. That's how I lost all my hair." Just things like that make him great to be around. Funny, funny, funny guy. Well besides that, I'm eating surprisingly well health wise. I can't help what the members feed me, but I do control what I feed myself. I usually eat 2 eggs, sunny side up for breakfast, and then some chicken and vegetables for lunch. I also don't overeat at member's homes dinner appointments. I've had some really interesting member meals which we have every night of the week except Mondays. They range from really awkward and strained conversations where you talk about anything and everything you can imagine with long awkward pauses in between subjects, to really, really fun homes where everyone is laughing and having fun, but then focus' when you get to the spiritual thought. BTW, those homes are usually the ones that serve the ribs, seafood, etc. Yea, I'm a little spoiled by members.

Sunday's are so good now. I remember back home it was beginning to be a drag to go to church every Sunday. Now it's interesting, as it's the best part of my week. I mainly love Elders Quorum because it reminds me of Elders Quorum back home. My comp hates it because they joke around. Mainly wife jokes. We can work a wife joke into literally anything we talk about. "How do we help our children better learn the gospel?" then some guy will inevitably shout out "Keep our wives happy!" And everyone breaks out laughing. It's really dumb, but I think it's hilarious.

Well to wrap up, I've been a bit happier with getting along with my companion and such, even though we still disagree on almost everything. Dad’s advice has worked to some degree. I've been exercising a lot more patience with his singing and all, so now he doesn't get under my skin as much. We had a "companionship inventory" that was at first really awkward to get into because there was this unspoken tension that was about it, but in the end, we decided to only talk when we have something good to say. Kind of like tree beard in lord of the rings. If something isn't worth talking a long time about, it's probably not worth talking at all. Focusing on the work helps a lot -even when he still calls me out on things like calling the Assistants to the President, A.P.'s, but that's not too bad. Yes, I get along better with my companion. Whatever.

Anyway, thanks for all your e-mails and such. I love you all! Email me, write me, etc. It makes my day soooo much better when I get a letter. Send letters if you can, because pretty soon, it will be almost a dollar or so to send 1 letter to me, so send them inexpensively while you can!

-Elder Meads

P.S. The photo's are 1) I got a nail in my bike tire. It was kind of funny since I went about a full day not even noticing, but wondering why my stupid bike kept getting a flat. I patched it though, and everything is holding up fine. 2) yes mom, I do my dishes out here, lol. I’m not being allowed to take pictures outside our apartment, so I may not get to take the ones you suggested, but different missions right? Thanks for sending all the photos my M.T.C. district is taking overseas. Pray for my visa to come. I am. & 3) Here’s me keeping a positive attitude and being all, "I'll see you soon" to my Belgium/Netherlands district. All is good. I'm good. Well, time's up. Till next week, Cya!


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