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Monday, March 27, 2017

2017-03-27 e-mail van Elder Meads

Hey everyone!

Ever since I arrived in Den Bosch, I find I get pretty trunky knowing that this is my last area on my mission, and the last city, and the last etc...  Directly after these thoughts, I look at everyone on their bikes around me, and see the Dutch License plates, and hear the Dutch language in my ears, and I never want to go home.  It's a very strange range of emotions I go through every day, but I know one thing, it doesn't help the days go by quickly.  

Moving this week was good!  It took a solid 2 days to move from our old and battered apartment which has been a missionary apartment for easily 20+ years to a brand new apartment.  I'm aware how nice it will be that I get this one last luxury on my mission.  It's weird to be in a 'new and last' city.  I wonder at the need to memorize street names, etc.

Love you! - Elder Meads
Monday, March 20, 2017

e-mail van Elder Meads

Dear Everyone,
  It's been a looong time since my last mass email, and sorry, but I will only be short.  I am being transferred to Den Bosch, or 's-Hertogenbosch.  I'll be with Elder Deroche from Canada.  Pretty exciting.  I've heard the apartment is less than desirable, but that's a missionary apartment for you.  I've had a good run in Antwerpen, though I'm excited to finally be on the last stretch instead of the stretch before the last stretch, and like that I'll 'die' in Nederland. 
I've been doing very well.  The highlight of my week this week was definitely having a mini missionary again.  His name is Elder Christian Ramirez and is a less active we 'rescued'  So chill of a guy!  He had so much fire since he only came for a day and we got so many potentials!  At one point of the day, 6 in 45 min to be exact. Never before have I had that happen. We had incredible success. He slept over, good experience for everyone.  We ended the night with a board game called Dungeon Quest - really indoctrinating him into Antwerpen Zone Culture.  That's what's going down with me.
Quote of the week: "leuk fiets!" -Elder Higham talking to a guy in a wheelchair 
I love you all!
-Elder Meads
  P.S. I also ran from Wilrijk to Antwerpen Centraal this morning totaling 5km.  I did very well except for a super nasty cramp I got for the last kilometer. 

Monday, October 31, 2016

Fijne Halloween , Iedereen! Week 74/102: maandag 31 october email van Elder Meads

Here's what's happening in Genk, Belgium as far as missionary work goes:

Monday: We had planned a P-day in Maastricht, but we got far too distracted emailing all of you lovely folks. Not much else to do honestly, President asked us not to leave our area unless it's for district or zone p-days which really blows. Might as well email s'more.

Tuesday: Full studies, door knocking, street contacting all leading up to a lesson with a brand new investigator found the week previous. The Plan of Salvation lesson went well, and this brand new investigator told us he wanted to take us to a really old church close to the german border for P-day. I bet I could convince my President to take us if it was with an investigator. :)

Wednesday: We had district meeting in Leuven given by the Zone Leaders, and they really did an amazing job talking about Christ in all of our lessons, and making him the center of our message. Remember at home: Christ is the center of everything, and everything else in our church is only intended to support Christ and his teachings! We had a bowling event with the branch scheduled, but none of our 4 investigators we had invited came, and for that matter, only the people of the branch presidency came because they had to. It was pretty disappointing to see everyone let us down like that, especially since they had all canceled that same day.
Not every day is a perfect missionary day. To make up for it, we played a game and got drinks. One of the members ordered an alcohol free beer, and I almost did too but got apple juice instead. Turns out, the 'alcohol free' was in reality 0.4%. It was bizarre since it was labeled "alcohol free". Food for thought.

Thursday: Full studies, and went on exchanges with the district leaders in Geel. I was with Elder Dearden, one of my better friends on the mission. We looked some people up, and knocked. While knocking, a woman answered, turns out she's from New York and lives here with her husband. We talked about how sad it is that they don't really observe Halloween or Thanksgiving here, and so she gave us homemade pumpkin pie! Tender mercies, for reals. At first, she had no interest, but by the end, she had given us her number and had set an appointment to come back!

Friday: We had planned to go to Maastricht this day, but the office texted us telling us that we shouldn't since we'd be crossing an international border. So we threw that out, weekly planned, looked someone up, and went to a lesson. I had found this lady last transfer by a referral, and progress with her had crawled and crawled. It has been a serious test of my patience to teach her since she doesn't listen to logic a lot of the time. Well, my emotions finally overcame me, and after a 3rd or 4th lesson where nothing was really taught, and we had just gone in another massive circle over the word of wisdom, repeating the same things over and over, I just dropped her. We'll still go by here and there, but not once a week.

Saturday: A good day :) We went by a less active, and did some service for her. I ripped up 3 trees and then moved them around. I thought it would be too much work to get done in one day, but I managed. My companion was kept busy trimming bushes and the like. We had some food and then we both challenged them to read the Book of Mormon cover to cover. They really got excited about the challenge, and we read together 1 Ne 1, and then I promised them that if they read every day with the thought of reactivation in their minds, that God would give them strength and courage enough to come back to church regardless of past offenses, or feelings of unworthiness.
My companion then brought in 2 Ne 26: 24-27, and I can't describe how much help that did to them at the time! They lit up and said that it was as if Nephi himself was answering her exact answer right there. Sometimes you just gotta hand the lesson over to the prophets who will speak from the dust.

Sunday: Had church which went well. I messed up pretty bad on the passing of the sacrament, but luckily(?) no investigators came, so no one's faith was destroyed. After church we went with a member to visit someone who was sick, and to give a blessing, however, they weren't there, so we left. We had lunch and then went to dinner at a member's. There we gave them a Book of Mormon and told them that it had to be gone by the next time we came by. That means that the work of the lord will be done (the BofM will be passed along to a potential investigator) or we lose our dinner appointments with them. Worth the risk I guess?
Also, on the bus, some fight was starting to go down, and the bus driver stopped the bus and yelled at them to either get off and fight or remain peaceful and stay on. Thankfully everyone kept their temper until our stop at least. Lots of birdies were flying around that bus, haha!

Love you all, and thanks for reading my emails, and even more thanks for sending some emails my way! I really do miss you all, and try this week to read some of the good books.
-Elder Meads
Monday, October 24, 2016

Twee e-mails van ouderling Meads = we nu up-to-date

Greetings and salutations,

hello everyone, more Belgium news for you:

Monday: Had my birthday, thanks for all the birthday wishes I received! I went to Mechelen with a bunch of sisters who planned the p-day. We had a lunch at the senior couple's house and then climbed this massive tower which is the highest point in the city, and you can even see Brussels from the top, which was pretty impressive. I enjoyed myself.

Tuesday: Started the day off right by going and playing chess at the library with one of our investigators who thinks he's British, but in reality, he's Belgian through and through. I won :p We also had a dinner by a less active family and that was nice.

Wednesday: The day was spent in 
Wellen (dorp). It's really really small, and the setting I expect to be in the show Breaking Bad or something. Well, we had a lesson with an inactive lady, and it was pretty good. We ended up watching a talk from general conference with her. We ate a small lunch that we had brought with us just on the side of the road to save time, and then did a bit of knocking-finding a catholic who may have only listened to us because we weren't from ISIS. what a joy it is to be a missionary. Also had a dinner by our ward mission leader which was tasty and much better than our side of the road lunch.

Thursday: Zone Training where we were challenged to read the Book of Mormon finishing by December 31st or something around there... Yea. I paid attention! Anyway, it's like 6 or 7 pages a day... Maybe 7 or 8 now that i think about it. What I DO know for sure is that we're supposed to underline the name of Christ or anything referring to him. The word 'Lord' is really really popular.  Try it out yourselves during your daily scripture study.

Friday:Busy day. Started off with joint teach which went well. Answered some bible questions. Then, we went to our investigator to see how she's progressing toward her baptismal date. She's trying to stop smoking, but finding it difficult, so we're probably going to have to move her date from Oct. 29th to some other reachable date. I hope she makes it.

Saturday: We did some service for two inactive members and made some real progress with them by talking about why they're inactive and trying to work through it. The church isn't true, the gospel is true. The church is composed of people, and people aren't perfect, however, the Gospel is designed by God, who is perfect, and God uses imperfect people to help everyone progress.

Sunday: Really good day since I was able to see a lot of my best friends from Vlissingen again at Stake Conference! I also had a good time with the other missionaries. The talks were very good as well.  We drove home, ate some lunch, did some planning, and went to dinner with a member. The cool part is, we had one of the inactive members from yesterday join us for Sunday dinner. It was really good for her and the family! Coming back after 15 years is really difficult.

I also just barely found this out, but MY SISTER IS GOING TO SAMARA RUSSIA FOR HER MISSION!! How sick is that? I thought I was cool. Write her!

-Elder Meads

This week in Genk:

Monday: We went to Brussels for P-day, and it was good! I had some cupcakes and cookies, and we just hung out with everyone. We caught an early train home to make it to an appointment on time with a less active. Her daughter came unexpectedly, and I gave her a BoM and she committed to read it! I thought the less active was going to be mad with me, but she wasn't, she was really grateful, and it was a real miracle since I guess she's been exposed to a lot of anti-material.

Tuesday: We meant to do some referral work in Maastricht, Nederland, but we ran into many problems that seemed to just pop up. A disappointing day to be sure, but they happen. We ended the night by sleeping over at the ZL's apartment.

Wednesday: We had interviews, and I learned a lot from them! I am now really trying to contact everyone I see and keep really good work up along with increased obedience. Hoo-rah for goals. Next, came exchanges with the ZL's and so we worked really hard in Antwerpen getting a lot of potentials for them.

Thursday: We traveled home, had lunch, and went to a doctors appointment for my toe. We had 30 min to an hour before the appointment, so we knocked in the surrounding area, and we were let in by a man who had had the Elders by him 10 years earlier. He still has his BoM and says he believes in our church 100% and the only reason he's not baptized and a really strong member is because his family will make fun of him if he goes to church. We set an appointment up with him for Tuesday before heading to the doctor's office. We biked to our dinner appointment and got some good work in. Afterward, we biked home in the mist, and it was spectacular, although cold.

Friday: We had exchanges with Geel district leaders. We started out by enjoying some food, then we worked the day in a place called Hasselt looking up less-actives and contacting. We met a girl who invited us over for the next day, so that was exciting. The end of the day was played out at an investigators home where we taught the Word of Wisdom and we all felt the spirit.  Bonus.

Saturday: We went back to Hasselt to the address the girl had given us, but she wasn't home... I just left a card. That was frustrating. We did some major visiting of the less active today -staying busy the rest of the entire day in appointments with them.  There was a lot of eating, talking, and then eating more. It was a really good day.

Sunday: Church went well, we even had some food afterward which was nice. We set our weekly plans, and then did some referral work and ended at a member meal. Pretty relaxing Sunday as far as that goes.

That was my week! How was yours?  What are you gonna be for Halloween? I'm gonna be a missionary, nothing is more scary here than a missionary walking down the street. Trust me, people will divert their path.

Have a good week!

-Elder Meads

Introducing Elder Meads'

Introducing Elder Meads'

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